Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vigil Family

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Camie Vigil


Nikki Walsh said...

I will forever be deeply saddened by the loss of such a good friend. She was truley beautiful inside and out , My heart goes out too you. Nikki Walsh

Anonymous said...

My heart aches for Easton and my brother and his sweet wife and our beautiful and beloved Camie's brothers and sisters. There are not words to express the love and loss that I feel for you all. I know that I can only speak for myself but I hope you know how the rest of your family is morning. My prayers and thoughts are with you and I know with out a doubt that we will be with our beautiful wife daughter,sister,niece,and cousin again. May Our Heavenly Father bless you and bring you peace.
All my love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

my heart aches as never before. i loved you so much and will miss you every day but you will always be in my heart. tell Grandpa i said hi.
Uncle Mike

KManzanares said...

We only met Camie a few weeks ago, but right away could tell what a good, sweet person she was. Easton, We are so sorry for your loss. You are in our hearts and prayers.
Kenny & Kristy Manzanares

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I grew up with camie and she was a great person , we had alot of fun times .I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Jodie,I hope your love and memories and your very special bond with camie help you through this terrible time. I will be thinking of you ! love, casie petersen (livingston)

Anonymous said...

These past few weeks has been so fun. I feel like we grew closer than we ever have and ever will. Thanks for spending time with me before you left. I will never forget the great memories we have had and the phone calls and txts. You were more than my aunt you were someone i could trust and talk to like a friend. You were my beautiful and caring aunt, and i will never forget you. I dont know what im going to do on christmas when i dont get a call from you. Our whole family is going to miss you.
I love you so much words cant describe.
Love, Desiree your niece and friend.

Anonymous said...

Easton my heart goes out to and camis family may god give you the strength and courage to go on god bless you and keep you inyour time of need....Franchesca Padovano

Ron and Tammy Valdez said...

Easton our thoughts are with you. We pray that you will gain strength from the love of your friends and family and know that our hearts are with you all.

Anonymous said...

Vigil Family - as we struggle with the loss of Keith, we want you to know that we are also very aware of your loss of Camie. Our hearts go out to you. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. May the Lord bless your family with peace and comfort. The Shumway's

Anonymous said...

I am Camie's cousin Angie and I was so unbelievably shocked and saddened by all of this. Camie was such a beautiful sweet girl and had such a wondeful spirit! Though I didnt get to see her very much I have memories of Her and Jodi at my birthday parties when we were little and I will never forget the good times we did share. To my aunt and uncle and everyone I want you to know that I love you all and your all in my thoughts and prayers! With all my love Angie Fackrell

Sheila said...

Dear Sweet Camie,
My husband & I will never forget our chance meeting with you at the office in Mesquite. What a delightful young lady you are... and will be forever.

I was so shocked as I watched the news just a moment ago... I could hardly believe my eyes as your photo flashed on the screen.

For Camie's dear husband...
although we have never met, we know how much Camie loves 'her lineman'. We got to hear so many wonderful things about you. It was like a common thread (my hubby works for Nevada Power, not as a lineman... but he has great respect for your profession) from all our lives took over the conversation.

May the Lord watch over all who knew Camie... family & friends alike.

Sheila King
Moapa, NV

Anonymous said...

Easton,Uncle Danny&HALEY,

I can't imagine what you are going through right now.Please know you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Camie seemed so sweet and caring when we met her. May god give you strenth during this difficult time. And the courage and strenght to get through this again. Our hearts go out to you.
Love always,
Patty, Dominic, Mariah, Elias & Devin

Drew and Jane Hyer and Family said...

Dear Families,
I was deeply saddened by your losses. As I sit by the computer reading about the accident, my 10 year old son, David said "We know how that feels". We, too, lost someone in an automobile accident in October of last year. My heart goes out to you and you are all in our prayers. I did not directly know any of your loved ones, but I know the niece and cousin of two of them. I can promise you that several things will happen. You will feel the Love and Comfort of Our Heavenly Father and Savior during this time period. They will not forsake you. Please cling to that fact and know that They and your loved ones are near. Families ARE forever and you will see them again and they are waiting for you on the other side. Your heart will break at times, but your hearts will also soar. Sweet memories will crowd your mind and you will be comforted. Your community and state are praying for you and this will also strengthen you when the times are tough. Asking why does not help much, but being still does. Know that you all are in many people's prayers and hearts and you are not alone. May Father's richest blessings be poured out upon you during this time and in the future while you carry on.
With love and understanding,

Anonymous said...

Dear Easton
We were so shocked to hear about Camie. All of us at Don Marcos had missed her so much over the past year.She made us all laugh.Just remember we are here if you ever need anything.WE WILL NEVER FORGET HER!!! Love everyone from Don Marcos salon

Trish Nesbit said...

I am heart broken over the loss of my friend Camie. We became friends in 12th grade while working with each other in the dental field. We always helped each other through the rough times by laughing and playing jokes on each other. What an infectious laugh and smile she had! I have so many wonderful photo's and memories of Lake Powell, our Mexican Riveria cruise and even changing a flat tire. My thoughts and prayers are with the Vigil/Fackrell family. I feel blessed to have had Camie touch my life and will miss her deeply. Trish(Baumgardner)Nesbit

The Christians said...

We pray for your family every day. I know you don't know us, but we were very close with all those involved, and we know if Camie worked there she will be deeply missed, just as they all will. May the Lord give you comfort and strength.

Mitch and Robyn said...

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Cami is such a sweet, kind, loving, beautiful young lady whose time with us will be missed and NEVER forgotten. I won't forget her beautiful smile and her sweet laughter... I loved the time I had getting to know her and growing closer with her at work at Red Canyon. She is going to be greatly missed. It gives me comfort knowing that families are forever and that YOU WILL see her and be with her again. She is a choice spirit who was needed. May our Heavenly Father be with you at this time. May you have peace and comfort.

Anonymous said...

I am so saddened by this tragedy. Camie was such a sweet, beautiful woman - both inside & out. It was truly my pleasure to have the opportunity to experience her talents and sweetness.

Know that your family are in my thoughts and heart.

Barbara Douglas

Anonymous said...

I am so saddened by the loss of my cousin CAMIE.I loved her very much and will always love her she will be forever in my heart.I am so glad that I was given the chance to be with her last Sunday when she came to visit me and my little brother. She said that she loved me very much and I was able to hug and kiss her. That will always be my last memory of Camie.
Makenzie Fackrell

Anonymous said...

I am so saddened by the loss of my cousin CAMIE.I loved her very much and will always love her she will be forever in my heart.I am so glad that I was given the chance to be with her last Sunday when she came to visit me and my little brother. She said that she loved me very much and I was able to hug and kiss her. That will always be my last memory of Camie.
Makenzie Fackrell

Anonymous said...

I am in so much shock with this whole incident. Camie was my 1st cousin more like my little sister her and Jodie (the twins).Camie was the fistey one and you always knew what was on her mind and how she felt.I Love her so much and will be forever saddened. I did have the chance to hug her and kiss her last sunday when she was home in Salt Lake.Easton please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.I love you Camie give grandma a hug and kiss for me. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART AND I KNOW THAT WE WILL SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN BECAUSE FAMILES ARE FOREVER!
Shaye Fackrell

Anonymous said...

Dear Easton,
While I write this to you individually, I mean it for Dan, Haley & all of Camie's immediate family. We are so blest to have come into Cami's light......she was SO special. While we are all reeling from this MORE than tragic news we hold you close to our hearts and in our prayers. Your love, your commitment to eachother is a model for the rest of us. Cami loved you with such..... intensity. We are so sorry....for you and all that she has left undone. Easton you are such a GOOD man....such a GREAT person. Our yours is broken. We love and pray for you all..for it is our faith in God and our purpose that connects us all. We ask God our Lord to give you strength. Peace be with you hito. Zena & Butch Robinson

Melissa Rogers said...

Dear Easton,
This is such a tragic loss to the world! Adam and I will never forget the good times with you and Cami we had in the mountains the short time we had to hang out! She was a blast to have around! A true friend. She never had a dull moment, always ready for a camping trip or a good 4-wheeler ride. I will dearly miss your special angel in the sky!!!!!!
Melissa Rogers/Don Marcos

Brandy Goff said...

Jodie & Family,
I cant find the words to say what I am feeling for you, my heart is completely broken. I dont have very many memories of growing up that Camie and Jodie are not in. It saddens me how fast the years have went by, then to a ending like this. I hate that we didnt get to say goodbye. Jodie I hope you know that you and Camie are so loved and that the world is missing a great part of it now. My heart goes to Easton, and her whole family. I Love all of you.
Brandy Goff (Snider)

I love you Camile, and I will miss you so much - I hope to see you again.

Jenifer Parman (Meyer) said...

My heart is going out to Jodie, the Fackrell family, her husband and anyone else who may have known Camie. I grew up being best friends with Camie and Jodie from the 4th grade all through high school. I am devastated that I lost contact with Camie. She was always such a wonderful person. So full of life and love. I will forever have so many wonderful memories of her and she will be forever missed.

sandy carter said...

To the Fackrell Family,
I am so sorry for your loss. Camie and I grew up together and I was so shocked and saddened to hear of the accident. She was such a wonderful friend and person she will be missed deeply by all who she came in contact with. Jodie my thoughts and my prayers go out to you at this trying time keep Camie close in your heart she will always be with you.
Sandy (Richards) Carter

Showgirl said...

I am really going to miss my gym buddy. Camie was a hard worker and so driven. I only knew for about a week but the time I spent with her she talked SO much about how much she loved her family and her husband Easton. She was such a grat girl and cared so much about people around her. We have really enjoyed getting to know the Vigil family and look forward to spending time with Easton hunting. My prayers are with all the families of this tragic accident.
The Hunters

Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry for the loss of Camie. God bless you in this time of need.

Neene said...

Know that we were shocked and even more saddened by the tragic news of Camie. For the short time she spent working with us in Rangely, Colorado, she seemed to fit in before her first official work day. She just had that ability to fit in where ever she was.

I often think of her and her animated storytelling events. One in-particular story she told was about the first night she spent in Rangely at the creepy blue apartments. She and Easton didn't have room for a food cooler in the apartment, so they placed it just on the stoop outside the front door. She heard her cooler lid squeak open, peered out the door to find a neighbor (maybe) rummaging through it. Camie didn't confront her but just shut and locked the door and waited for Easton to return home from the mine. She wondered what she had gotten her-self into.

We really hated to see her move on. Those who had the opportunity to meet Camie, from the first moment, just knew that she was something special and truly sincere. I, like others, really enjoyed being around her. She had such a positive spirit that was contagious.

Easton, she truly loved you and would have done anything for you as long as it made you happy. Just know that she wanted you to be happy, because in giving to you, she benefited and was happy just knowing that you loved her.

We can understand your sadness but just like every life is different, each sorrow is unique, and no one knows just what you are going through with this tragic, unexpected loss of such a beautiful spirit. Please just know that the only comfort we are able to offer you and your families at this time is just letting you know that we are wishing you comfort, strength, and at some point, peace.

Know that we will always have good memories of Camie. Just thinking of her now still makes me smile.

With our deepest sympathy,
The Staff at Dr. Myers Office
Ken and Jenine Myers

Mark Montoya said...

I can't tell you how sad I was to learn about Camie. I just can't believe it is true. I have been so blessed to have met you and her and to have called you friends. She was so special great personality and a real professional at her job. She brought a new standard to Don Marcos. Always joking, laughing and finding the positive things in life. She was a true friends and great employee. We missed her when you guys moved and we will miss her even more now. If you need anything from us we are just a phone call away.
Love and Prayers
Mark Montoya, Don Marcos Salon

The Sumsions said...

Fackrells: Cory and I heard of Camie's passing today and wanted to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I remember coming to your house once when I was little and Camie, Jodie, Wendy Riddle and I were listening to Richard Marx and laughing and giggling like girls do. Camie had such a great smile. I don't remember a time growing up when I heard Camie's name and not Jodie's, or saw Camie without Jodie. I know that Jodie must be missing her sister so much! Robbie & Jolynn, you two are some of the nicest people we've met and our hearts go out to you at this time. You know you will see Camie again someday soon and that the Lord will bless and comfort you. We thinking of you - Angie Taylor Sumsion & Family

Anonymous said...

really don't have the words to describe how sorry our family is.But hope you know of our love for you,your in our thoughts and prayers!Lyndee White

Anonymous said...

We didnt know Camie well, or for long. But she was a beautiful woman inside and out. I got that feeling from her, the first time I met her. I so want to tell Camie's family how very special there daughter "is" to even strangers..
Our Prayers to you all. David, Georgann, Samantha and Tracey.

Bennett Family said...

To: Easton and The Fackrell family, Camie was a wonderful, inspiring, warm hearted, and fun individual. She will truely be missed by many! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. Love, Bill, Janell, Khyler and Kayeliann Bennett

Austin and Chris Cowan said...

For Easton,
We are all in shock over this. Your family has been in all of our prayers, now more than ever. Camie was a person who left you feeling welcome and comfortable from the moment you met her. She was beautiful both inside as well as out and you couldn't help but love her right from the start. I know that no words can make a difference so I want you to know how much you are in our prayers. We Love you and we loved Camie. We are here for anything you will need.

Anonymous said...

It's been such a shock to lose a childhood friend and my heart aches for all of the families that have been affected by this loss. I feel lucky to have known Cami and will always remember her energy and spunk. She was always true to herself and was the life of the party!

Jodi I cannot picture you without Cami by your side and that breaks my heart. I hope you know how many people are keeping you and your family in their thoughts and prayers as our family is.

May you all find some comfort and peace. Karolee (Mecham) Fritz and family.

ginger said...

I met Camie for the first time in the office over the summer, yet it seemed like we were old friends. What a great gift to have that effect on others. Our family prays for Heavenly Father to comfort you. ginger wilcox

Jill Richards said...

Dear Fackrell family

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I had the privilege of working with Camie at the dentist office for a short while. She was so much fun to be around. She had a way of making you smile even when you were having a bad day! I loved listening to her stories! Please know that you are in our thoughts always.

Jill Richards

Michael said...

We can't even begin to tell you how sorry we are to hear about sweet dear Camie. She was such a great friend and person there was NEVER a time we'd see Camie without a big ol' smile on her face and her arms out greeting us with a hug! We are so honored to have known Camie she will always be in our hearts and we can live on the memories we shared with her. Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal but love leaves a memory no one can steal. May the peace which comes from the memories of love You and Camie shared, comfort you now and in the days ahead. You and Camie are in our thoughts and prayers!

Michael and Katrina Porter

Anonymous said...

Easton, I am so deeply sorry for the heartache you must be going thru. Camie was beautiful person inside and out. Anyone could see the love and devotion you two had for each other. I know there are no words to help with your pain, but my heart and prayers are with you. May God give you strength to get thru this too.
Suzi & Jimmy Eaquinto

Anonymous said...

Aunt Camie and I
I am one of my Aunt Camie's "babies", Rhet Payne. I love my Aunt Camie so much! I would do anything or give anything to see her one last time, or touch her, or hug her, or kiss her, or to hear her voice. I love my Aunt Camie so much there is no way to explain it. Camie always called us (nieces & nephews) "her babies". She recently bought me some soccer cleats, shin guards, and a soccer ball. When I step on a soccer field I will always remember Aunt Camie and look up in the sky and know she will watch every one of my soccer games. I will feel so strong every time my cleats touch the surface of any soccer field and know that Aunt Camie will be watching over me. There was no one that could feel anger upon my Aunt Camie. She made a difference in everyone's life that she came in contact with. I love you Aunt Camie FOREVER!

Jesse Rhet Payne (Nephew)

Anonymous said...

An Angel in Disguise

Have you ever wondered could it be
Here on earth an angel I see!
Her smile,laughter,her twinkling eyes
She was that angel in disguise!

The miracles in life we see eachday
By night are forgotten as we pray
never seeing the beauty that lies
She was our angel in disguise!

Tears will fall on those lonely nights
feeling the darkness not seeing the light
drop to your knees and look to the skies
We HAVE meet an angel in disguise!

To Easton:
If you feel like your life has darkened just remember what Cami would say "Oh...WHATEVER"! She would want you to continue living life to the fullest, remember she is still looking down at you!!!
She was your soulmate and will continue to be by yourside!!!!Never feel lonly!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am from SC and I wanted you to know that this tragedy has reached across the US. I pray that God will give you & your family the peace and strength that you need to get through this awful time. May God bless you...

Shanna said...

My heart aches for you. What little I knew Camie, she was such a wonderful person. I know there are no words to ease the pain you are in. God will give you the strength to get thru these tough times. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Shanna Oakley

Anonymous said...

I only knew of Camie from the Mesquite office, she made you feel welcome and was very sweet and just had such an uplifting spirit about her, I am so sorry for your loss and My prayers are with you and your family.

wood0306 said...

You will be so greatly missed Camie. I feel like I am on the wildest rollercoaster of life right now. You have lived much of the same life as me. We have had so many things in common. Right down to finally being extremely happy with our marriages, and even managing to wear the exact same ring on our hand for it. You are a huge inspiration to me. I truley do not feel like it was your time to go. It is so hard for me to understand right now. Mom keeps telling me that its ok, you're with Grandma now. Although I know this it the best place any of us could be, it still hurts more then anything. Take care Camie Jo and enjoy your time with Grandma. I know things are going to get better now with you as our Angel.
Until we meet again.
With all my Love.
Cousin Rachel

Anonymous said...

Dear Fackrell Family, we just wanted to let you know that all of you are in our thoughts,hearts and prayers through this very hard time. Camie was a very beautiful woman inside and out and she will be very missed. Please know that we are here for all of you and will do anything to help your family get through this. Rhet and Shawnee we love you so so much and always remember all the great times she brought to your lives! Camie sure was a shinning star.

Jason and Ashlee Payne
John and Denise Payne
Jill Payne

Lorelei said...

Aliesha & Family,
We are so saddened by your loss, it hurts so much to see the pain you are suffering. Everytime I saw Camie she had a beautiful smile on her face, not too mention she is gorgeous!! She was a lucky girl to have the family that she was born into, the closeness you guys share is a rare thing these days. I love you, God bless you through this time, especially Easton, as Aliesha has described the love that Camie and he shared as perfect. May God bless you and watch over you all in your time of need, our prayers are with you.
Love, David & Lorelei