Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tribute Project

The Iron County Medical Alliance will be compiling a scrapbook for the families involved. Please use this post to leave fun, happy memories of the individuals being honored here, separate from the condolences.


Anonymous said...

Val. Some plastic will always be burned for you.

Dirk S. said...

During the time I spent working on the building next door I often visited Dr. Ellsworth's office. The staff always greeted me with a smile. Everyone seemed to enjoy their work. On one occasion Valerie nearly attacked me when she saw my "uni-brow". I am sure they would have loved to have practiced waxing someone with real eyebrows.

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful that I was able to hug and give her a big kiss last sunday at my house when she was home in Salt Lake.Camie was my first cousin and sunday happened to stop by to say hello.I was still in bed and she sent my daughter to get me up!I looked pretty rough and the first thing that she said well good morning ya mutt!!She looked so pretty with her new haircut and color that Aliesha had done. She was also excited about her new Bootie purse(WE LOVE PURSES).My heart goes out to Easton and My aunt JoJo and Uncle Robbie I love you all!!! And to Camie please give grandma a kiss. You will always be in my heart. I love you Camie!!!
Shaye Fackrell

Janelle aka Janellie said...

Cecilee and I would ditch class together...we probably shouldn't have done that but we were 18/19. We would go out to lunch, talk about boys, play nintendo for hours, and make spaghetti for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even after I moved back home (due to the ditching of classes) I would go up to Cedar, and stay with Cecilee once at the apartment we shared and a couple of times when she was living with her parents (who always made me feel like I belonged there) We always had fun, especially when we went together to another roommates wedding, and my alternator went out on my car, we got some extra time together because of that! Unfortunatley we hadn't talked for the last couple of years, and I will be sad at that, but our fun times, and good memories will always brighten up my day!

Anonymous said...

Fackrell family: We were very saddened to hear about the loss of Camie. I remember when she was working for me at Ream's. What times we had. Not to mention all the great times our families had growing up. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Deni(Parker) Archuletta

Anonymous said...

Robbie, Jolynn, and family: Words cannot express how sorry we are for your loss. We have a lot of good memories of Camie. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Love Dennis and Wendy Parker

Natalie said...

From the Shumway Family- Our thoughts and Prayers go out to the other 9 victims families at this time. It sounds like this plane was full of amazing selfless people. Even though Keith was new to the office, I know that he enjoyed his job there and working with such amazing people. We will forever be tied to you through this tragic event. May the Lord bless us all!

Natalie Shumway (sister to Keith)

linda said...

To each and every staff members family and friends, my heart is deeply filled with sorrow, I was one of their many patients that was treated so much like family, that we would travel from Hiko Nv,because of the outpouring of love they gave to each and every one of their patients. Till God brings us all home together.may our Lord and Saviour wrap each and everyone of you in his arms and comfort each and everyone of you till you reunite once again.With all our sympathy Tim /Linda Woolever

Renee Thurber said...

How many times in a row can 3 adult couples ride Space Mountain and then Splash Mountain late at night without puking? We lost count after around a dozen...

We love you LynAnn!!!!

Carl and Renee

Mike W. said...

I felt like I knew Lansing Ellsworth before I met him. I was doing my residency in emergency medicine in Tucson, AZ and was telling people that I hoped to end up in Cedar City. Everyone who had been associated with the University Medical Center there for more than five years would say to me, "That's where Lansing Ellsworth is practicing dermatology." My residency director told me that he respected Lansing so much that he wanted him to be in HIS residency program. His example of kindness and love as a member of the LDS church set a high bar for those of us who followed him at that institution. He was an understanding, caring physician. I am a better person from knowing him.

Anonymous said...

Ellsworth Family, Our hearts go out to you. When I heard the news I was physical sick with grief. I am your neighbor and although I did not know your family well, my husband and I had a great relationship with Dr. Ellsworth. I can vivdly remember him standing in my living room one morning at 0700 with the news of immediate surgery for melanoma. We were uable to go to his office that day and he wanted to give us the news in person rather than over the phone, so he came to our house before going to the office.
Dr. Ellsworth would stop by our house when he saw us outside and and check on us. He always had a way of making us feel special and letting us know he cared. I did not know Dallin personally but have heard many good things about him, he was following in his father's footsteps. These were two great men, be proud of all their accomplishments and for all they stood for. Let the memories carry you through this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. James and Jodi Israel

Steph said...

Working with Dr Ellsworth, Dave and their crew from Cedar City once a month was a bittersweet treat. While we loved the fact they came over to our small community, the sheer number of patients they saw in one day probably produced enough paperwork to make a small forest. My coworker and I would be a little frantic at the beginning of the day, but then we'd get into a rhythm and things would usually go smoothly. And everyone from Cedar was SO lovely to work with. I do recall that after every clinic day, both Dr Ellsworth and Dave would come up to the front desk, looking like two little boys who'd been on a rollercoaster ride, with those huge goggles perched on their heads, and say, "So anyone else waiting? Are we done?" And would thank us for our help, crack a couple of jokes and promise to get our paperwork to us before they left...which we eventually quit worrying about, it was always sent back to us a few days later! I will miss working with them, with Val (who was one of the sweetest, classiest women I knew, Dallin, Cecilee and Marcie. I did not have the honor of meeting or working with Keith, Camie or Mandy. My heart and prayers go out to their families. God's blessings-Steph Sotelo

Anonymous said...

I met some of Dr. Ellsworth's staff as they visited our spa when they were down at their Nevada office. Although I only met them once, they seemed like a family. Hearing of this tragic loss touched me in a way that was unexpected to me. I send my condolences to all the families that lost a loved one. Our prayers are with each and every one of you.

The Rowles said...

Cecilee Goddard was one of my good childhood friends. She is girl who lit up the room when she came in. She has the best smile. She is a friend that I could go years without seeing and reconnect with in an instant. She will be deeply missed.
Alyssa (Holler) Rowles

Anonymous said...

I met Dr. Ellsworth and about half of his staff for the first time as part of a routine skin check a few hours before the tragedy in Moab.
I was impressed by just how genuinely nice Dr. Ellsworth was.
He had a great way of connecting with me as his patient. He was also very thorough. I was also struck by the unsinkable bubbly nature of Ms. Mandy Johnson. Her attitude was contagious! "What a fantastic receptionist I thought."
As a team- Dr. Ellsworth had a winning group that made a patient feel comfortable. What a great asset for Moab they were. Lastly I would like to share a conversation that I had with Cecilee Goddard.
She was assisting Dr. Ellsworth during my exam. She was telling me about how beautiful the flight from Cedar City to Moab had been that morning. Not just routine in her mind- but glorious. She had really enjoyed looking down on all the colorful rock formations and she commented how much the landscape looked like the bottom of the ocean. As the BLM Fire Chief here in Moab, it was disconcerting to receive a report of an aircrft going down that afternoon. My firefighters who responded were deeply shaken by the incident as am I. Before I found out the details- something made me think about Dr.Ellsworth and his team. There will always be a place in my heart for Dr. Ellsworth and his staff, and while I hardly got a chance to know them, my life was enriched by our brief encounter.

Our deepest condolences-
From all of the Firefighters here at the Moab Fire Zone-BLM

kate said...

Mandy was my roommate her freshman year of college, and, oh, what a blessing she was! We would go running together and talk about life, boys, faith, and a lot more. She was such a sweet, wonderful girl who truly cared about people. I'm so grateful to have known her.

Anonymous said...

To me Dr. Ellsworth was the epitomy of all a physician should be and I have the greatest respect for him and his dear wife. When he treated my 10 year old daughter for shingles following a bone marrow transplant, he called from a conference in Chicago to make sure she was alright. I was very touched that he cared enough to follow through like that when he was traveling. I have watched his charitable acts and generosity to this community and was always so impressed with his kindness. Know my families thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time and my our Heavenly Fathers comfort and peace be with you.

The Shumway Family said...

I remember going into see Dave to have a mole removed. I was really nervous about the procedure and he knew it. He offered over and over to call my husband and have him come into the office to hold my hand. I declined, so Dave just talked to me the whole time to get my mind off what was going on. I really appreciated his thoughtfulness and care for me.

Anonymous said...

God Bless

Amy Call said...

Camping, Ruby's Inn, Bryce Canyon...sometime around 1999...fond memories of watching 3 or 4 adult men, Lansing included, trying to put up a borrowed tent with almost every tent pole missing. (no one knew at the time that there were tent poles missing) Quite a sight! Russ, Lansing, and Jeremy had more head scratching moments that afternoon than they have probably had since then. They were proud men, Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts who KNEW they could get that tent up how it was supposed to be. In the end...a new tent was purchased the next morning. Lansing always loved to camp...ha ha :) We love you Ellsworths!!

Anonymous said...

I think the lyrics to this song describe a lot of those who passed away in this tragedy.

They built the Titanic to be one of a kind,
but many ships have ruled the seas
They built the Eiffel tower to stand alone,
but they could build another, if they pleased
The Taj Mahal, the pyramids of Egypt are unique, I suppose,
but when they built you brother, they broke the mold

The world is filled with many wonders
under the passing sun
But sometimes something comes along
and you know, it's for sure the only one
The Mona Lisa, the David, the Sistine Chapel,
Jesus, Mary and Joe
and when they built you brother, they broke the mold

When they built you brother
they turned this dust to gold
When they built you brother
they broke the mold

They say you can't take it with you
but I think that they're wrong
All I know's I woke up this morning
and something big was gone
Gone in to that dark ether
Where you're still young n' hard and cold
Just like when they built you brother
and broke the mold

Now your death is upon us
And we'll return your ashes to the Earth
And I know you'll take comfort in knowin'
You've been roundly blessed and cursed
But love is a power
Greater than death
Just like the songs and stories told
And when she built you brother
She broke the mold

That attitude is a power stronger than death
Alive n' burnin' or stone cold
And when they built you brother ...

Copyright © 2007 Bruce Springsteen (ASCAP)

Justin Day said...

To The Ellsworth Family:

I remember being in the MTC with Dallin and having the room next to his. There was an air duct next to our beds that connected the rooms and at night we would yell to each other through it. I remember Dallin and the Elders in his room would crawl out of bed at night over to each others beds and scare the living daylights out of each other. You can imagine what it sounded like from the next room. I loved Dallin's good sense of humor. I will miss him.

Justin Day
Rexburg, ID

Natalie Jacobs said...

Cecilee, Everytime I see a banana cream pie I will think of you. During our college days Cecilee went home with me a few times. She fell in love with my moms banana cream pie, and salsa. We always made sure to take salsa back to school with us. Many nights we stayed up eating chips and salsa in our room and laughing about everything. I even made Cec wear Camoflauge to my wedding and she loved it. Cecilee was an amazing person. I will treasure the time we lived together. They were some of the best days of my life. I will love you forever Cec. Love, Natalie

Karrie Matheson said...

The memories I have of Val are a little different then most, the way I remember her is wrapped in a garbage sack covered in mud and dish soap, going down the mud slide at girls camp. She made girls camp fun for everyone, and was also the best at "hazing" the first year girls! (Which is what I happened to be at that time). I woke up my first morning ducked taped to my cot with goop in my hair, then as we came back to our tent later in the afternoon I found my cot and all my belongings up in the rafters. She also had the best ideas for getting other camps, like water in their pancake mix, plastic over their porta potty openings, and she even agreed that tying sister Lunt in the porta potty and having her large dog tip it off the ground was a great idea. There was never another girls camp that was as fun and memorable as that one, and it was because of Val and her fun spirit!

Anonymous said...

Dear Goddard Family,
I am a pharmaceutical rep who called on David for 2 1/2 years. David was truly a wonderful man who genuinely cared about people. You could see it in his face as he always wore a warm and sincere smile. It was a pleasure knowing him and he will be missed. My deepest sympathy for your loss of David and his beautiful daughter.
Lisa Beardslee

Anonymous said...

Dear Ellsworth Family,
I am a pharmaceutical rep who called on Dr. Ellsworth for 2 1/2 years. Dr. Ellsworth was a dedicated physician who put his patients first. On the rare occasion he had a minute to visit with me he was extremely pleasant and a joy to talk to. I feel fortunate to have known him and understand his dedication to his practice. My deepest sympathy for your loss of Dr. Ellsworth and his son.
Lisa Beardslee

Kambria Smith said...

I only knew Mandy for five months while living in Ukraine but her memory is vivd in my mind. She was so easy to get along with and we really related to one another. On our Prague/Dresden/Poland trip the Ukrainians wanted to see absolutely every cathedral they could. I can picture her turning to me after probably the 8th or 9th cathedral and lamenting, "I don't want to see any more cathedrals!" It was great to have someone to vent to, who completely felt the same as me. When our trip to Yalta rolled around we were both set on paying a few bucks a night for a small hut on the beach and just sitting for 6 straight days. Some fruit, nice rays, and a dip in the sea every once in a while to keep form stinking...we both agreed it was relaxation we deserved. Unfortunately the "beach" turned out to be small rocks and we spent more time sight seeing than vegging. I know she really enjoyed it, though. Although she was always around when someone needed a friend, she also took the time to be alone, explore the beautiful cities, and make sure her experiences were everything she wanted them to be. She introduced me to the best Ukrainian treat ever: sesame seed covered white chocolate covered poppy seed ice cream popcicles. Maybe she told you about them. I still have the wrapper and it makes me so happy...I can't help but think of Mandy. We ate them in Yalta and then she excitedly told us when she discovered it once later in Kyiv. I loved visiting Desi Sanders and Chanelle Maletich with Mandy. Her last lesson to them in May really stuck with me. She talked about the April conference address by Elder Perry and how we should create a beautiful picture of what we want the end to be and then go through life ever focused on that. Her testimony was more than words. She lived it. I have found myself drawing comfort since being home from Ukraine and dealing with my own trials from that last time she taught. I remember sharing my anticipation with Mandy about going home and being with the people we love again. She told me about how her mom was driving up to Salt Lake to take her home. What she looked forward to most was that car ride home- just she and Mom. When I think of who Mandy is and how she lived this life, I want to be happy and allow that happiness to bless others. I am grateful for her unrelenting example, for she truly patterned her life after the Savior.

Ray Finley said...

Having just received the tragic news of the loss of your loved ones I would like to express my sincere condolences. Lansing and all the others served to a great need and did so with such kindness and professionalism.

The world has lost an essence of true an absolute character of the highest degree. May God comfort you in this time of grief.

Ray Finley (patient)
Page Arizona

Anonymous said...

My husband was treated very well by Dr. Ellsworth and his staff when we received the news that a mole on his back was melanoma. Thanks so much for taking such good care of him during such a big scare for us. Thanks so much for the positive energy, the professionalism, and the love you all had for your work. Heaven is blessed to have you!
Brandi Braegger

Anonymous said...

I really didn't know these people personally but heard that they are a great bunch of people.
Our EARTHLY lives are alot shorter than any of us really realize. It was their time to go. Our Father called them home. I know that HE lives and gives us challenges every day. But I also know that he loves us and that we will be able to see our loved ones again someday. I hope in the next life I will be able to meet all those that have died, even my family members and my friends.
I wish the families peace and love in the day, months, and years to come. I hope that those being brought to this earth will know who their dad, brother, sister, mom, friend, etc were and what kind of love they had and shared.

SF in Mesquite, NV and Cedar City, UT

Anonymous said...


I've come from so far away
just to be able to see you
for the 1st time.
It's been so long since I've seen you, that I forgot who you were
& where I have come from.
What's it like up there?
Are there oceans, mountains & grass?
Are there animals of every kind?
I hope that someday I'll get to see
you again & to come home soon!
It seems like forever that
I will take that journey home.
Please let me know when it's time--
so that I can prepare now for that day.
I think of you so often that I can
almost feel you standing by my side
I know your there for me always.


Anonymous said...

Such nice people. So sorry to know of their deaths. I was fortunate to have been a patient of Dr. Ellsworth and get to know him, Mr. Goddard, and Ms. Tillery. They took very good care of my wife and I. They will be missed....

C said...

Val is my aunt and the call that I got that Saturday morning was devastating to me. Val is the most amazing woman that I have ever known. She always smiled and when she laughed really hard she would snort and it made us all laugh even harder. She cared so much about other people and went out of her way to help them. She was a dedicated wife, mother and daughter and she always made sure the family spent time together by putting on family get togethers. Val was so beautiful on the inside and out that this world will not be quite as good without her in it. Im grateful that I will be with my family forever through Gods eternal plan and to Val... God be with you until we meet again..

trailrunner said...

I started as a patient at SWSC and ended up with not only great medical providers, but as a bonus, met many people whom I am proud to call friends. Dr. E and Dave always put me at ease and Cecilee, although she had responsibilities at the spa, was never too busy to come let me squeeze her hand when it was time for the needle.

On one occasion, Lansing and Dave were discussing my latest excision and started drawing the lines of how much tissue needed to be taken out. I, of course got a little anxious and started to get teary-eyed. (This was just an “atypical blah blah nevis”, not melanoma like the other one.) Lansing says to Dave: “How about we do this another time - with some valium on board”. Compassion and a sense of humor. Thanks for the valium!

I am grateful and honored to have known such wonderful people! With love, Bonnie Char Oldroyd

trailrunner said...

To the Goddard Family:

I know you already know what great people your Dad and sister are, but I wanted to share a sweet memory that I have. Cecilee and I became friends from the clinic when I came in religiously for my screenings every six months after a melanoma. Cecilee would come in and let me squeeze her hand while Dave or Dr. E would remove moles that were suspicious. I loved knowing that Cecilee would always be there to support me and offer a friendly hand – literally – for me to hold.

Your Dad and I became good friends as well. Although we never really “dated” after his divorce, I was more like the little sister/therapist, I was grateful for our discussions and time spent with Dave. He loved his children and your Mom with all his heart.

During one of our talks I was complaining about receiving yet another “pamphlet” for Mother’s Day at church. I said, “Don’t they know - chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!” Within a few weeks, Dave was on one of his bike rides and dropped by my house. He pulled out a small plastic bag (with ice) and removed three small foil wrapped objects. He placed them in my hand one by one and said, “chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.”

Thanks for the chocolate Dave!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Chelsea, Yorke and Zoe (and Ann too). We miss them too, right along beside you. May you be comforted and know that you are not alone. WIth love, Bonnie Char and Tess Oldroyd

Anonymous said...

I remember when my daughter was in high school with Dallin, she commented on what an amazing young man he was. When he came home from his mission, I saw Lansing and mentioned we should line them up. Dallin was considerate enough to call. My daughters comments about him and the conversations on the date led me to appricate all the more what a valient young man he was. He truely left good and positive impressions. Thank-you Dallin for your example to the many who watched you, that you never realized.

Anonymous said...

When your heart is empty, filling it with memories can help.
Jill Dillard
Norma Munro
Kathy Booth
Miriam Davis

RVL said...

Dallin Ellsworth.
A member of my married student ward, Dallin was quiet and kind. I remember the first week that he and Kamber attended our ward, the sunday school teacher was asking some gospel trivia questions. Very humbly but confidently, Dallin answered nearly every single question after enduring awkward silences because the rest of us didn't know or were to scared to share. I was so impressed by them and knew at once that they were people I should like to know and emulate.
Five days before Dallin passed away, he was teaching that same sunday school class. During the lesson, he paused to bear witness of his testimony in a way that caught my attention. He said something like, 'Everything I have ever learned in the scientific world reaffirms to me the existence and power of God.' That struck me because I have had similar thoughts and feelings as I passed through the SUU biology program, and I was truly touched by the way Dallin seemed so unsurprised by all of it. He knows God lives and he shared that knowledge unabashedly with the world around him. I am thankful for his testimony and example.
Valerie Huff

Anonymous said...

My family and I were watching the news tonight while they recapped the major news stories of 2008. Bishop Ellsworth's photo flashed on the screen and an immediate pain filled our hearts. Young and newly married in Tucson we aspired to be in the medical profession. We first met the Ellsworths at church and were amazed at the grace and ability of this fine couple to balance family, school and church. We are now graduated and found ourselves in Brigham City, Utah to start our practice. We can never forget the examples we saw in Bishop and Sister Ellsworth. He was a physician of the body, a spiritual leader of the souls of man, and an amazing human being. We ask God to bless your family and keep you safe on this journey.

Lance and Shellie Bryce