Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tillery Family

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Marcie Tillery


Amber from Texas said...

I heard about this accident on yahoo. May God comfort the Tillery family during this very troubling time. I am very sorry for your loss. May she, and all members of the team rest in peace.

Hayley said...

I am so sorry for your loss. As many others who have heard about this tragedy, I too do not know those involved, but as I sit here reading of the friendships and lives lost, I cry knowing the sorrow you must feel. I am a stranger to your family, but I love you. I weep with you and am grateful for the loving life this woman lived.

Anonymous said...

I was saddened to hear about the death of Marci, although I have never met her I am friends with her husband. It is always tragic when loved ones are lost, but it is also inspirational to look at what they've contributed to while they were alive. Marci has two beautiful children and a loving husband who is no doubt feeling the void of a partner and friend who has departed.
On a professional note, my cousin was a client at the office in Moab, UT and her mother had nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff and Doctors of the clinic.
May we all take a moment to honor those who have passed on, appreciate the love of those in our lives, and support the Tillery family with love, prayers and words of comfort.
Brett & Bettrietta K

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for your family, just know that I am deeply sorry for your loss. I pray that you and your family may again find comfort and peace after such a tragic loss. I as well as many others mourn your loss.

Leigh from NE said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. While we have never met, we have spoken and I would count you among my friends. I cannot even imagine how difficult this is for you. Just know your friends care and are thinking of you during this very tough time. Hang in there.

Leigh (aka Bert)

Anonymous said...

I will miss Marci. I regret how as friends we have drifted apart in these past years. Marci was always actively involved with her family and work. Marci was a very determined and successful at whatever she put her mind to do. I loved working with her, she could always make me laugh. She has affected my life and my family's in so many positive ways.
I will miss you.
Matt - we are here for you and your boys if you need anything.
Liz & Curtis Tait

Kameron and Tanya Shortt said...

we are so sorry for the loss you and your family are going through. I had the pleasure of meeting marci while working for Dr. Ellsworth. She was one of the kindest people I have known. She will be missed. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Tillery Family - as we struggle with the loss of Keith, we want you to know that we are also very aware of your loss of Marcie. Our hearts go out to you. We will keep you our thoughts and prayers. May the Lord bles your family with peace and comfort. The Shumway's

Jennifer said...

I once knew and worked with Marcie and Matt years ago and was saddened to hear of her passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you Matt and your young family. Marcie was a joy and pleasure to be around.

Drew and Jane Hyer and Family said...

Dear Families,
I was deeply saddened by your losses. As I sit by the computer reading about the accident, my 10 year old son, David said "We know how that feels". We, too, lost someone in an automobile accident in October of last year. My heart goes out to you and you are all in our prayers. I did not directly know any of your loved ones, but I know the niece and cousin of two of them. I can promise you that several things will happen. You will feel the Love and Comfort of Our Heavenly Father and Savior during this time period. They will not forsake you. Please cling to that fact and know that They and your loved ones are near. Families ARE forever and you will see them again and they are waiting for you on the other side. Your heart will break at times, but your hearts will also soar. Sweet memories will crowd your mind and you will be comforted. Your community and state are praying for you and this will also strengthen you when the times are tough. Asking why does not help much, but being still does. Know that you all are in many people's prayers and hearts and you are not alone. May Father's richest blessings be poured out upon you during this time and in the future while you carry on.
With love and understanding,

The Christians said...

Marci, we'll miss you. Thank you Matt and boys for sharing her with us at the clinic, she was a joy to work with. We don't fully know your sorrow, but weep with you at this time. Our prayers are and will be with you.

Michelle said...

I heard about that plane crashand then my sister called and said that Marci Cox was on that flight. That's how I knew her. I went to High School with her. My memories of Marci are a very sweet person who was always happy. I remember she ran Cross Country. She seemed to always be true to herself. I'm sorry to here that she has left behind a husband and children. I know she will be missed.

Last week at church they played a song "You are Not Alone." I wish I had that song to send you because it is so true!

Stephen and Laura Horner said...

Like Leigh, we have never met you but consider you a friend. We have talked and laughed together, and screamed and yelled together (stupid kara). Please know that our thoughts are with you and the boys during this difficult time. We pray that you will find peace.
Stephen and Laura (Tyb and Ama)

Anonymous said...

A beautiful smile and a helpful and considerate lady will be very missed. God bless you in this hard time.

Anonymous said...

Although, I didn't know Marci personally, I just want to tell you how sorry I am for your loss and for your family to have to go through such a tragic loss. I'm so thankful you have such a strong family to give you support. You are a great guy and have alot on your plate now, but I know you will be strong for your babies. God bless you and your family,
Teresa Williams (Smead)

Jennifer said...

I am completely saddened by the news of this tragedy. I went to high school with Marcie.. May all your wonderful memories of her give you comfort. She was a wonderful person & will be missed.

Steph said...

Marcie came to Page once a month and that is how I know her. She was a quiet but efficient worker, with a great smile and calm demeanor. We loved working with her and the rest of the crew; watching them was like watching a well-oiled machine function! And she was always pleasant, professional and friendly. My prayers are with her family. What a tragedy. Stephanie Sotelo, Page Hospital medical Arts Center

Dot Gray said...

Matt, sons & Family,
My heart broke when I heard the tragic news. Marcie was such a sweetheart, a truly good person and a wonderful mom. Matt you have lost your best friend. We are truly saddened.
Mike & Dot Gray

Amber said...

It was disturbing to hear about the death of Marcie Tillery. I met her though my husband at the time that works with her husband Matt. I enjoyed hanging out with Matt, Marcie & thier 2 sons in Vegas before they moved back to UT. I know that she put in 110% into her family. She also had the best interests and intentions for her husband and boys. I send my condolences to them.

Amber Treleani
Las Vegas,NV

Anonymous said...

My husband grew up around the block from Marci and they were good friends growing up. I got to know Marci in high school and she was such a truly genuine person. We were very sad to hear about the tragic accident. Our thoughts are with her family. Many people in Vegas are mourning her loss.
Bill & Nichole

Anonymous said...

Although I have never met Marcie or Matt in real life I have spent some time talking with Matt and was devastated to hear about your loss.My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.I can not imagine what you are going through.But wanted you to know we are all thinking and praying for you during this awful time.Take care.
Jen(Aka Mysti)

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry to hear of your tragic loss. My prayers go out to you and your boys during this difficult time.

Ken (aka Ahbee)

Anonymous said...

I am shocked and heartbroken for your loss, Matt. We have never met in real life, but I have always enjoyed your company when we have spoken. Take as much solace in your children as you can, and hold on as tightly as you can. There are many who are thinking of you and your family, and I am certain you are not alone.

-Keith (aka Kal)

Helen Boswell said...

Whenever I see Marci's photo on the news, I cry. I was one of her professors at SUU, and I will always remember her. She was so positive, so thoughtful, intelligent, hard-working, and she came to class everyday with a big smile and a wonderful attitude. I am so sorry that she was taken from you so prematurely. It is such a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I also have never met Marcie but I have very briefly known Matt. My deepest condolences to the Tillery family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

-Tom (aka Basheth)

Anonymous said...


I sit here pondering on what to say to you and my heart is breaking for you and your children. I know that you have loving parents and family to help you through this tragedy. Please know that you are loved and if there is anything that we can do for you, please let us know. Take care and please know that you're in our thoughts and prayers as well as the others that lost their lives that day.

With deepest sympathy,

Love Brian and Julie Workman

Anonymous said...

I am from SC and I wanted you to know that this tragedy has reached across the US. I pray that God will give you the peace & strenght that you need to get through this awful time.

Anonymous said...

I remember Marci Tillery (Cox) from High School, and us who knew her are in such shock. I am so sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

Anonymous said...


If tears could build a stairway
And memories could build a lane, Id walk right up to heaven and bring you back again. No farewell words were spoken, No time to say goodbye.
You were gone before we knew it and only god knows why.
Our heart ache in sadness still secret tears flow. What it meant to lose you no one will ever know.
But now we know you want us to mourn for you no more.
To remember all the happy times life still has much in store.
Since you'll never be forgotton we pledge to you today.
A hallowed place within our hearts is where you'll always stay~

Marci you will be missed dearly.

Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to meet Marci through AYSO Soccer...she and her husband were our team coach and team mom. Marci always made us feel welcome as we sat on the sideline watching practices and games. Every time I look at the team picture I will remember her... I feel fortunate for my short association with such a great person!
Amber McKinney
Cedar City, UT

jami said...

I have known Marci for many years now, almost 12 years. Marci was a very special person, somebody you always wanted to be around. Marci was like a second sister to me a big part of my family when she was living here in Las Vegas. She always had a calm and soothing way about her. Over the last couple of years our lives have taken us in different directions but we still kept in contact through people we knew. Marci has always wanted to have a family, a husband and kids to love, and she did. Her family was the most important thing in her life. My heart goes out to her husband kids and her sisters during this time. Marci we love you and you will be missed, we have one more angel looking over all of us tonight.

Jami Logan Las Vegas, NV

Anonymous said...

Although I live in Utah now, I actually knew Marci as a child, in elementary school.My mother called me when she saw her in the Hurricane paper. I have great memories of being silly little girls together, back when we rode the bus for hours a day together in Las Vegas. My heart goes out to all her family. She had such a sweet spirit and I know she will be missed.

Dorothy Young-Lial said...

Matt, Sons, and Family,
My deepest sympathy for your loss.
May you find strength in your heart and keep her close in your memories. I have known Marci since she was born,she was a loving daughter, wife, mother and strength for her sisters. May you find comfort from Our Heavenly Father during these times, and find peace knowing families are forever and she will be waiting for you on the other side.
You are in our prayers.

Kayz said...

WoW...I had no idea! I went to high school with Marci and she was always such an incredible friend!!! She was so kind, thoughtful and a powerhouse in the gospel. She really didn't have it 'easy' growing up, but her strength in the gospel was admirable! She lifted everyone she came in contact with and she's one of those people you'll never forget! She was quiet at times, but had a great sense of humor and never stopped looking out for others. My favorite memories were in math class, the parking lot of Cheyenne HS, and seminary. I'm soooooooooo sorry Matt and family! I can't even imagine how you're feeling right now.

Kayz said...
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Matt said...

Its been months since we last spoke. I just received news of your loss. I want to take this opportunity to reach out to you.
I have never been blessed with the opportunity to meet Marci or yourself in person. From the hours (days) we have spent chatting and exchanging thoughts I do consider you friend. You are a wonderful person and that undoubtedly reflects back upon your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your children.

God Bless,
Matt "Wonkee" Harris

heather said...

I was marci's friend in high school/xcountry
I think of her all the time and regret that we did not keep in touch more. She was an awesome person. My prayers remain with Matt and her two boys and hope that with time they have had strength to go on. I know she is looking down on them now. What a beautiful soul. She is loved and missed. RIP Marci we love and miss you.
Heather Krumme (Dugas)