Saturday, August 23, 2008

Goddard Family

Condolences for the family of David Goddard, PA, and daughter Cecilee Goddard may be posted here or emailed to

David Goddard, PA

Cecilee Goddard


Kathie said...

ANN and Family, We are so Sorry about Dave and Cecelie. Our Love and Prayers are with you.What a tragedy for you and your family.
We Care and will keep you in our hearts.

Robin & Kathie Arnold

Janelle aka Janellie said...

I was a roommate of Cecilee's back in 1997. I truely enjoyed her, in fact I came back a few times and stayed at her families house. My heart is breaking right now for their loss, they were both amazing people. I will always have the best memories with my time with Cecilee and will always look back at those with a smile.
My deepest sympathies

Dolly said...

Anne and Chelsea-
We are so sad to hear of your family's great loss. Dave sat with us on Sundays and we loved him dearly. He handed me a Sunday school roll just one week ago today. If I had known it would be the last time for awhile-I would of shook his hand and given him a hug too :) We love your family. I know my parents are so stunned with this news too. We send our love, hoping you know we're here for you! Sincerely, Dolly and Roland Roy

JohnsonJournal said...

Please accept my sincere condolences at the loss of David and Cecily. I traveled from Monticello to Moab just on Friday and they were the ones who treated me. They were both SO kind and professional and took a lot of time with me, though the office was very busy. I left feeling as though we were long time friends. I am sure their loss is great. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Liesel Johnson

Hayley said...

Goddard Family
Just want you to know my heart and love are extended to you and your loved ones at this time. I had the privelage of working with Cecilee for a while and came to enjoy her smile and amazing personality. She was an uplifting influence to those around her. Our prayers are with you.
The Winslow Family

Kristin said...

Our daughter, Robyn Gubler worked with Dave for the past 2 years. She loved her job so much and especially the people she worked with. She often said she thought Dave was funny. We are from St. George, but had seen Dave once in the office. Just want you to know our prayers wre with you.

McOmberFam said...

Goddard Family,
May our Father in Heaven bring you all comfort through this difficult time. I didn't know Dave personally, but I've heard many stories and have seen pictures of the family's growing up years in California. You are all in our prayers here in California.
Brittney Meyer McOmber
(Glen Meyer's niece, Val Meyer's daughter)
Oroville, CA

Anonymous said...

Goddard Family - as we struggle with the loss of Keith, we want you to know that we are also very aware of your loss of David and Cecilee. Our hearts go out to you. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. May the Lord bless your family with peace and comfort. The Shumway's

Jim Hill said...

David and I were in Duke's PA Program Class of 1976. I remember him simply as a decent guy who loved being a PA and was a terrific friend to have. I last saw him at an AAPA conference some years back and he had not changed one bit in his attitude or joy of living.
While students at Duke, during one of our clinical lectures, the physician lecturer mentioned a certain disease as having "afebrile" symptoms. David asked him what "afebrile" meant. The physician started to laugh, saying that it was a common medical term, until the rest of us in the class raised our hands and said we didn't know what it meant, either. That was just like David, never afraid to ask a question he wanted the answer to. To this day, I cannot hear the word "afebrile" without thinking of him.
It doesn't surprise me that David spent his last day doing good. It's what he dedicated his life toward. Our PA profession will miss him. I will, too.
Jim Hill, P.A.-C.
Charlotte, NC

audreywaldron said...

Goddard Family (Yorke),
My sincere condolences to you and your family. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad and Cecelie... I haved missed your family since moving away from Cedar City and am so sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
With Sympathy, Audrey (Nielson) Waldron

Anonymous said...

Dear Goddard Family,
I was a patient of Dr. Goddard and I had an English class with Cecilee a couple years ago. Both David and Cecilee were wonderful people and my heart breaks for you right now. I appreciated David's care so much and he truly helped to transform my self esteem through his treatment. I am saddened by your loss and will pray for your family at this time. Know that both David and Cecilee were loved people that will truly be missed.

Drew and Jane Hyer and family said...

Dear Families,
I was deeply saddened by your losses. As I sit by the computer reading about the accident, my 10 year old son, David said "We know how that feels". We, too, lost someone in an automobile accident in October of last year. My heart goes out to you and you are all in our prayers. I did not directly know any of your loved ones, but I know the niece and cousin of two of them. I can promise you that several things will happen. You will feel the Love and Comfort of Our Heavenly Father and Savior during this time period. They will not forsake you. Please cling to that fact and know that They and your loved ones are near. Families ARE forever and you will see them again and they are waiting for you on the other side. Your heart will break at times, but your hearts will also soar. Sweet memories will crowd your mind and you will be comforted. Your community and state are praying for you and this will also strengthen you when the times are tough. Asking why does not help much, but being still does. Know that you all are in many people's prayers and hearts and you are not alone. May Father's richest blessings be poured out upon you during this time and in the future while you carry on.
With love and understanding,

The Christians said...

Dave helped me get where I am today, in PA school. My heart is deeply saddened by the loss of a good friend and collegue. Zoie (I don't know the spelling), my thoughts and prayers are with you, as I know how much your mother loved you.


Mitch and Robyn said...

I am deeply saddened by the loose of Dave and Cecilee, I have spent much time traveling with Dave and the team at SWSC, I will never forget the experiences I have had with them. Dave always made me laugh... He is such an amazing guy with the most uplifting spirit, he could take a lemon and make lemonade.... Cecilee is one of the sweetest people I have ever known, her laugh and smile with be missed greatly. She had a way with people... everyone that met her loved her... she was everyones friend... she actually called me last week before the accident and it was a very pleasant to talk to her one last time, They will be missed by many.

Kassie Leavitt said...

I am so sorry to hear about this tragic accident. So many people have been touched by the lives of this wonderful group of people, that it is hard to comprehend the amount of sadness that is the result of their loss.

Dave was such a wonderful man. I enjoyed the time that I was able to chat with him during my visits at the Richfield office. I am so grateful for the care he gave me over many years.

May God bless your family, and comfort you with the knowledge that Dave and Cecilee will surely be richly rewarded for their service to others.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ann and Family,

Scott and I want you to know we are saddened at your loss. Please know that we care deeply and know that this is a most difficult time for you all. Dave was a wonderful and caring person. Dave treated Scott many times and Scott has the highest regard for Dave's professional caring manner. He and your beautiful Cecelie will be missed by many.

We send our sincerest condolences and will continue to keep you all in our prayers.

Scott and Sherrie Hansen

Anonymous said...

To the family of Dave and Cecilee:
Please accept our most heartfelt condolences.
Cecilee was our daughter-in-law, and Dave was our friend. The Goddards opened their home to us and gave us their full hospitality. We enjoyed good dinners and good times with the family. We took to Cecilee from the moment we first met her, and never broke that bond. We loved her then and we love her now. We will always have only the fondest memories.
We wish for the family of Dave and Cecilee all the blessings of Heaven to console and bring peace to heart and mind. We trust in the great love of God and His all-knowing omnipotence, knowing that He governs in all things, that all things work for good to those who love God. We have the hope of the love of God and envision these loved ones encircled in the arms of His love, now at rest from this world.
Words alone cannot assuage the aching nor palliate the pain even when spoken with the greatest desire to give solace and comfort; but carried by the Spirit, who is the Comforter, may our words carry peace into your hearts.
In deepest sympathy,
David and Marlyn Madsen
Pretiosa in conspectu Domini mors Sanctorum ejus. Ps CXVI. xv

Anonymous said...

Dear Goddard family I was a friend of ceclie and I actually swam on the swim team at cedar high with her I also saw dave at the doctors office a few times and he was always very kind to me I want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers as you go though this time

Heather Bird

Sanford Family said...

Dear Ann and Family,
My family's deepest sympathy goes to you at the loss of Cecilee and David. I love David like a brother. He taught me how to relax and love missionary work. He took a one dollar bill and tore it in half, giving me half he said, "as long as you have this you will never be poor". We served together for about 11 months in the Hawaiian Mission and it has affected me for a lifetime. It hurt to hear the news, but I know his service for others will continue. We pray for you and your family. Please know of our our love and respect for you and this great man. The Vee Sanford Family

Anonymous said...

My very best to the Goddard Family here and here-after. Dave was a very good and dedicated father and friend. Eric Johnson Family

Marylin and Jimmy said...

Goddard family, We are soooo sad to hear this news. I was a Holler (daughter of Jack & Amy) it just does not seem real. It has been a little while since we last saw you all but our prayers are with you and hope you know that.

Tandy said...

Cecilee was in my Alpha Phi pledge class... and beyond that, a friend. Just wanted you to know that you and your's are in my thoughts and prayers. It's hard to believe that the last time I was able to see and catch up with her was over a year ago. She was always so fun, super nice, and sweet. I'll miss her.
With love and my deepest sympathies,

Heidi DeMille Evans said...

I am so sorry to hearing acout Cecilee. I used to go to school with her at Cedar High and also was lucky to work with her at La Fiesta forever ago. She was a beautiful and sweet girl. She always had a spirit that was so happy, and caring. I had always meant to hang out with her more and become better friends.I know her son will forever her how great and wonderful his mom was.

Anonymous said...

Cecilee was such a sweet person, and I will miss her. She was a good mommy and just as caring with her friends as she was with Z. My thoughts, prayers, meditations are with you all. I hope her spirit of love will linger with you. Preston

Sarah Beth Gibbs said...

Chelsea..... I am thinking about you and am so sorry for your loss. There are not even words... I didn't know your family, but you have such a fun personality I can only imagine what their loss must be like.

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry your familyy is going thru this tragic situation. My condolences to you.

Gib Mitchell said...

Dear Ann & Family:
We were so sorry when we heard the tragic news about Dave and Cecelie.
We remember with fondness when we first met your family when Gib was building your house. Please accept our sincere love and sympathy at this very difficult time.
Geb & Barbara Mitchell

Steph said...

I worked with Dr Ellsworth, Dave and their dedicated staff when they came to Page, AZ for one of their rural clinics. They were a staff to be modeled after-professionally, ethically and morally. The sheer number of patients they saw here (myself included) is a testimony to their desire to help those in need, those in rural communities. They will be missed. My prayers and thoughts are with the Ellsworth family, and the families of all the victims. Steph Sotelo

JaKell and Brandon said...

Your family is in our prayers. My children and I have all been to him at the Richfield office and have worked with them all. They are great people who will be greatly missed.

JaKell Meckley

BettyJohnson said...


Do you remember when we used to carpool Ryan and Cecilee to kindergarten? And that AWFUL movie we went to see with you and David? "My Dinner With Andre" was its title. I thought David was an interesting, fun, bright, warm person. He loved volkswagons and bicycling. Cecilee was a bright, beautiful little five year old who kept things hopping.
Our hearts are breaking for you, Yorke, Chelsea, and Zoey. You will always have our love, support, and devotion in the coming difficult months and years ahead. You are permanently in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers.

With much love,
Mike and Betty Johnson
Ryan and Tawnee Johnson
Warren and Katie Tickner
Matthew and Brittany Johnson
Sally Johnson

BettyJohnson said...
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Anonymous said...

We were friends of Cecilee's and we hung out with her often while we lived in cedar city. We would have her over for dinner and we would always end up talking till about three a.m before any of us would notice. She has a pure soul and is always smiling. we will miss her deeply.
Michael and Kristopher wentworth

Paul Lombardo said...


I was so saddened to learn of the passing of Dave and your daughter, especially under such tragic circumstances. I don't need to tell you that Dave was a very exceptional person and one who I valued as a friend for his incredibly engaging personality and love of life. If it is true that the success of one's life can be judged by the number of times s/he is though of after passing, then I am certain that Dave will be forever remembered for his success. My love and sincere condolences.


The Rowles said...

Ann and Family,
I am so saddened to here of your loss. Cecilee is such a shiny spot from my childhood. I am sure she is deeply missed by those close to her now. While we have not been in contact for years she was always a friend that I could reconnect with in an instant. I so regret letting time go by and not taking the time to reach out to her while I had the chance. I pray for you to have peace and healing.
Alyssa (Holler) Rowles

Robin Birmingham said...

Ann, I have a wonderful memory of you and Dave dancing in the back of the Blue Cat one Saturday night. You looked like teenagers enjoying the music and getting caught up in the moment. That was the first thing that came to my mind. Know that you and your family are loved by many.

Robin Birmingham

Sarah Ball said...

Chelsea- I feel deeply saddened for your loss of your dad and sister. I know how much you love and cherish your family. I have many childhood memories at your house. I always loved coming over because your family was so much fun to be around and so warm and caring. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Sarah Petersen Ball

corbanandnoelle said...

Chels, my heart goes out to you. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met, so without even having met your dad and sister, I know they must have been as wonderful as you are in the way you know how to make people smile, the way you make people feel that you truly value them, the way you are so optimistic about life and so many thousand other things too! I am always here for you, so remember that when things start to slow down and you need a shoulder to lean on! I love you, Chels!
Noelle Christensen

k8 said...

dear goddard family-

I was an Alpha Phi with Cecilee at SUU back when she joined in 1996. She was part of a really great class of new members and even though I was a few years older, I considered Cecilee a friend. I remember her as a smart, beautiful, kind girl with a really big heart and a ready smile. I am deeply saddened by her loss and will be praying for your family as you get through this difficult time.

katie clifford

Anonymous said...

Anne, Yorke, and Chelsea,
You may not all remember me, but my name is Tommy Bartlett. Dave was my scoutmaster when I was younger and you all were living in Nebraska. I always will remember him as one of the most patient and kind-hearted people that I have ever met (true patience is really tested when you are working with a group of young men like we were). Cecilee was good friends with my sister Emily and I always remember her as one of my sisters' friends that I always admired and respected. Cecilee and Emily used to laugh around each other for hours and hours and nobody else knew what they were laughing about, but it was contagious. Anyways, you are all in my thoughts an prayers.

Jen said...

Cecilee was in my Alpha Phi pledge class, and she was always one of my favorite people- she was thoughtful and kind and all those things, but also very artistic, introspective, and smart. I'm so sad that she has left this world early, and that so many will never know her. My deepest sympathies to your family.

Jennifer Durcan Andrews

Natalie Jacobs said...

I was roommates with Cecilee in college for a about a year and a half. We became the best of friends the moment we met. She was the most sincere, kind and caring person I have ever met. We shared many wonderful memories in college and over the years. I will truly miss her. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this hard time.
With much love, Natalie(Bradford) Jacobs

Laura Bingham said...

Yorke and Chelsea,
We are so sorry you have lost your father and sister in this terrible accident. We love you and our prayers are with you and Zoe and your mother. Your father and I had many conversations about you kids. He always told me how much he loves you--every time we met at the temple or talked on the phone he said how proud he was of you and that you were the very light of his life. He will always be by your side.
I love you and will keep you constantly in my prayers.

ginger said...

My children and I feel such sorrow at the loss of David. We are patients of his and think of him as a dear friend. He always had enormous patience with my little ones and I always enjoyed our visits. He will be greatly missed. Our family will pray for Heavenly Father to comfort you during this difficult time. ginger wilcox

Kristopher J Wentworth said...

My deepest sympathies to all of you at this time, my heart has ached since I received the news of this terrible tragedy Saturday morning. The influence and life that Dave and Cecilee lived goes well beyond the borders of Utah. I spent six years in Cedar City, Utah - I now live in the Pacific Northwest and I carry many memories of my friendship with Cecilee in my heart. Cecilee had the power to look past race, religion, social status and truly love a person for who they were. She lived each day of her life with acceptance, beauty and love. She is one of those individuals that no matter how trite the circumstance you knew that Cecilee would always care. I will never forget the life lessons Cecilee taught me or the amazing friendship we shared during my time in Cedar City. May peace be with your family at this time and may peace be felt by all those who lost someone special due to this awful event.
Kristopher J Wentworth

Anonymous said...

What a loss to your family and to all of us that knew Dave and Cecelie. We got to know Cecelie years ago when she taught swimming lessons. She was such a fun teacher; my children really enjoyed their lessons because of Cecelie. I can still see her standing by the side of the pool running conditioner through her hair (many times) so the chlorine wouldn't dry it out.
Several years later we started going to Southwest Skin and Cancer and got to know Dave. He was such a kind man and so helpful. He really worked well with my children and was very patient. When Cecelie started working at the office we were thrilled. She did such a great job and made each of us feel important. We loved sharing our lives with her. She was a dear friend and will be missed. Dave and Cecelie were very special people.
Our prayers and love are with your family.
Dani McDermott and kids

Ericka Gale Andersen said...

I truly adored Cecilee. I enjoyed her so much when she was in high school and was thrilled when she became a sister in Alpha Phi. My prayers are with her little one and the rest of her family. She will be missed.

Anonymous said...


It is truly a sad day when a bright light in the world goes out. In this case, 10 bright lights went out, only magnifying our collective loss. Remembering Dave, you, and your family relives many fond memories in Las Vegas and Omaha.

For me Dave was the consumate PA, and someone I greatly admired. Clearly that admiration was shared by other PAs and his patients.

Judi and I are truly sadden with the death of Dave and Cecilee. Our thoughts and prayers go for you at this time.

Our Sincere Condolences.

Judi and Scott Chavez
Chicago, Illinois

Anonymous said...

I am from SC, and I just wanted you to know that this tragedy has reached across the US. I will keep you & your family in my prayers. I pray that God will give you strengh & peace through this awful time.

Dennis Blessing said...

Dave was a class mate at Duke
(1976). More than that, we were friends; a friendship that crossed the years even though we saw each other infrequently. When we lose someone like Dave, the world loses a person who gave his all in the care of others. Dave's Duke classmates share in your family's loss and we all keep you and him in our hearts.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear of this tragic accident. Dave was a wonderful PA and excellent example. I had an opportunity to work with him briefly in Cedar City. He was always so concerned for his patients and took the time that they needed. I pray for your comfort during this difficult time.


Marci Allred

Anonymous said...

I was so impressed when I heard that Dave had to hurry home to get his tomato plants planted; he even knew how to bake bread! What a guy. I miss you.

Jivin' Johnson's said...

Ann, Yorke and Chelsea

I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I was privileged enough to get to know you some years ago. I am saddened to hear of your loss, though remember that the Lord above never does anything by accident. The wonderful spirits of Dave and Cecelie are fulfilling a higher duty and calling now. Though it's hard for us to lose our loved ones the Lord is greeting them with open arms, as His children are returned to their heavenly home.
Once again remember that you are never alone, and there are many who love and care about you who have shoulders to lean on as you deal with this tragic loss.

Leslie (Harding) Johnson

Groovacious said...

August 26, 2008

When Tim and I relocated our record store from Oregon to Cedar City in 2000, Dave Goddard was one of the first people to welcome us.

He was happy to have us in town because he hoped to work with us, and encourage us to build and improve the music scene of Cedar City.

Dave had acquired some fairly substantial sound equipment and together we organized several music events in Cedar City and Brian Head Ski Resort and the surrounding areas. We found a diverse handful of other visionary neighbors and dubbed ourselves the “Groove Crew”. We began planning our own music festival, Groovefest. It was challenging and fun and we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into.

As a founding member of Groovefest Dave gave us class and credibility, he was always our straightest arrow, our most upstanding citizen. He was enthusiastic and had creative and innovative ideas, sometimes they were a bit far out, but Dave was a thinker and a problem solver.

I knew Dave Goddard to be a dedicated and driven participant who pushed himself to do even more; I see him now walking back and forth, back and forth from sound booth to stage solving sound issues, wearing his foot down to a persistent ache. As our initial soundman for Groovefest Dave gave endless hours and generously offered his own equipment for our use without compensation, he was there working along side us in the late hours and early morning. Dave was someone you could count on.

He loved live music and never tired of hearing yet another version of his favorite Mustang Sally.

By 2005 Groovefest had grown so big that we had to hire a soundman with more equipment and experience and we didn’t have much conversation with Dave after that. I saw him in the sound booth at the July Jamboree or the Fourth of July picnic and many other events and though I wanted to go to him and say hello and offer any help and let him know I was his friend, I didn’t. Now it is too late and I regret that.

On behalf of Tim and myself and the Groove Crew and Team and every musician and musical gathering that benefited from the hard insightful, talented work of Dave Goddard, we thank you. We love you. You will be missed.

Friends always.

Lisa Cretsinger
Cedar City, Utah

gwright351 said...

Goddard Family,

Our hearts are heavy thinking of your family during this more than difficult time. I had a chance to talk with David last year in in my Grandparent's home and have memories of your family's visits to Oroville during my growing up. I enjoyed hearing about David's love for what he did and how he was able to help others by simply doing his job. We love and pray for you daily.

Greyson and Tanny Wright (Grandson of Ron and Garnee Faulkner)

Anonymous said...

I was devastated when I learned of the accident. Dave has left an ever lasting mark on my life for the good. He was such an example to all around him. It doesn't suprise me that he was taken because he was so perfect in so many ways. I truly am greatful for the priviledge I had to get to know such a kind man. York and Chelsae, your dad is a prime example of Christ like love. He was unconditional and he loved the Lord. I know he is with him now and this brings me much peace in the loss of a dear friend. Friends are forever.... Please accept my love and prayers for you

Nancy Robison

Anonymous said...

Dear Goddard Family,
Please accept my sincere condolences for the sudden loss of Cecilee and David. I was deeply saddened to hear about the tragic accident. When I moved to Cedar City for school I became a patient of Dr. Goddard and Cecilee often treated me at the spa. They were always so kind and personal. I remember after they found out I was from Orangeville they told me the story how they once had a dog from Castle Dale, but eventually had to give it away because it was too wild. I also loved talking with Cecilee about art. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

May your heart and soul find peace and comfort

Lyndsay R.

Rodet said...

Ann and family,

We are so sorry for your loss and you and especially little Zoe are in our prayers. Jaclyn has struggled since hearing the news as both Dave and Cecile meant so much to her. Since leaving Cedar City, Cecile remained one of Jaclyn's dearest friends. May God bless each of you.

Cortney and Jaclyn Rodet

Nalisa said...

Dear Goddard Family (YORKE),

My condolences are with you, your sister, your mother, and Zoe. I still cannot come to believe that such a tragedy has happened to one of the most humble persons to be born on this planet. Cecilee was not just a friend, but she was MY SISTER.

When I first met Cecilee at the Aesthetics, there was this instant connection between us. She has a lovingly, charismatic personality that just radiated into my heart. Her and I became very close sisters. We shared so many things in common. We had even talked about traveling India together in the future.

I went to Cecilee’s house for the first time, when she invited me to join her family for a Sunday dinner. I was welcomed so warmly into their house. It was here, that I met Cecilee’s father, sister, and brother, Yorke. Mr.Goddard was not only a gentleman, but a delicious cook.

I would always tell Cecilee how lucky she is to have a loving brother like Yorke. I have never seen such a close brother-sister relationship like Cecilee had with Yorke. Cecilee and Zoe were virtually inseparable. And I would always mention to Cecilee how lucky her daughter Zoe is to have a vibrant and beautiful mother like her.

Cecilee was has always been there for me when times were rough. She has morally supported me and emotionally uplifted me. She has always wished well upon others because she has such a generous nature. Cecilee could never do harm to others. In fact, she would always go out of her way and go that extra mile to help others. Her presence in a room would make everyone cheerful. Her smile was just so contagious, that anyone looking at her would automatically light up a huge smile.

Cecilee has deeply touched my life. She is a highly remarkable, intelligent, and respectable woman whom I will never forget. She will always deeply be remembered in my heart. The very most important thing I have learned from Cecilee is to be optimistic about life, even when times are rough. She was an exceptional strong woman who would face any hurdle thrown at her. I admire her so much for her optimistic views on life.

I had actually stopped by Dr. Ellsworth office last Tuesday. I had asked the secretary if Cecilee was there, but Cecilee was not there. I left a message with the secretary for Cecilee, telling her to say hello and say that Nalisa had stopped by. Only if I could have just hugged Cecilee for the very last time.

Yorke, if there is anything, I mean anything I can do for you and your family, then please let me know. You are extremely blessed to have Cecilee as a sister and best friend. I sincerely feel very blessed to have developed an everlasting special bond with Cecilee. My prayers are with you and your family.


Tom Bowers said...

David was a childhood friend. We met when his family moved to Oroville California in 1956. When he returned from his mission, we went to junior college together. I was not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I was impressed by him as a person. I was in a searching period in my life and I was moved by the kind of person he was.

Through our friendship I went to Brigham Young University and spent four wonderful years there. We had a joyful reunion thirty years later when I finally joined the church. I know the Lord worked through David to prepare me to accept the Lord and gain a testimony. Surely we knew each other before we came to this world and surely we will know each other in eternity.

Last year when I was organizing a fortieth high school reunion one of our PE teachers, Mr. Arnold told me a story about David.

He said that during a PE class he received a phone call and left the boys so that he could take the call. When he left, he told them to continue
with the calisthenics that they had just started. When he came back, before they could see him he could see that they were not doing the calisthenics.
They were counting loudly, but they were just standing there.

When he came into their view, they put on a show of doing the exercises. He asked by a show of hands if they had been exercising in his absence. Everyone but David raised their hands to indicate that they had been exercising. When Mr. Arnold ask David why he didn't raise his hand, he said they had not been exercising and they had just been counting.

The other boys said, "Oh, David!"

Mr. Arnold told them to run around the track because they had not told the truth. David started to go with them.

Mr. Arnold said, "You told the truth, David. You don't have to go."

David said, "I didn't do the exercises you asked us to do any more than they did."

He then ran around the track with the other boys.

In college I used to tease David because he used to save saran wrap. He took my teasing and continued in his dedication to being thrifty. I am not surprised to find out that he drove a truck fueled by biodiesel that he grew himself.

I love you David.

Tom Bowers

Joyce said...

Goddard Family,

We want to express our thanks to Dr. Goddard for his service to our family. We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts are with you.

Farrell and Carolyn DeMille

Rosa Zerkle said...

I was a patient at Southwest Skin and Cancer in Cedar City. By the time I got there, I had already pursued other courses of treatment and been to other doctors. I was desperate, in pain and discouraged. Cecilee was my nurse at my first visit and I broke down in tears. She literally let me cry on her shoulder.

Although I never had Cecilee as a nurse again, she asked how I was doing every time she saw me and gushed over my baby.

I didn't know Cecilee for long, but she had a bigger heart and more loving soul than most people I've met. She truly touched my life and I am deeply sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Ann and family,
I am so sorry to hear of Dave and Cecelie untimely passing. Dave was a PA classmate at Duke (1976). He loved to spice up discussions by taking the opposing view. But knowing him when he was serious he was very caring and worried about other peoples feelings.
He was a good friend at Duke.
Just prior to graduating from PA school, Dave interviewed for a job and decided not to take it. He told me to look at the job as he felt I would like it. I took it and had a great first job.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Ron Grimm

Anonymous said...

What a tragic loss and so tramatic, I hope that you may feel the peace and comfort that our Savior has to offer. Cecilee is such a beautiful girl. I know time will soften this great loss and that you will all me comforted and helped along the way and what a great blessing to know that you will see Dave and Cecilee again!!!

Beth said...

Jarod, Gracie, and I wanted to offer our condolences to your family as well. Dave treated my husband and daughter on that tragic Friday, and we were so impressed with his professionalism. We are truly saddened for your loss. We are praying for your family during this difficult time.


The Thomas family

Jillian Pruitt Seymour said...

I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you during this trying time.
i'll always remember how David saved my finger after a sceneshop mishap several years ago. He was a kind and smart man. May the Lord bless you in your time of need. We will keep you in our prayers.
Jillian Pruitt Seymour

trailrunner said...

To the Goddard Family:

I know you already know what great people your Dad and sister are, but I wanted to share a sweet memory that I have. Cecilee and I became friends from the clinic when I came in religiously for my screenings every six months after a melanoma. Cecilee would come in and let me squeeze her hand while Dave or Dr. E would remove moles that were suspicious. I loved knowing that Cecilee would always be there to support me and offer a friendly hand – literally – for me to hold.

Your Dad and I became good friends as well. Although we never really “dated” after his divorce, I was more like the little sister/therapist, I was grateful for our discussions and time spent with Dave. He loved his children and your Mom with all his heart.

During one of our talks I was complaining about receiving yet another “pamphlet” for Mother’s Day at church. I said, “Don’t they know - chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!” Within a few weeks, Dave was on one of his bike rides and dropped by my house. He pulled out a small plastic bag (with ice) and removed three small foil wrapped objects. He placed them in my hand one by one and said, “chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.”

Thanks for the chocolate Dave!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Chelsea, Yorke and Zoe (and Ann too). We miss them too, right along beside you. May you be comforted and know that you are not alone. WIth love, Bonnie Char and Tess Oldroyd

Adam said...


Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I couldn't believe what happened when I saw the news. I remember your dad being in our High Council when Liz and I were down in Cedar going to school. You have a great family. Stay strong. I consider myself blessed to have been able to work with you and know you. Hope to keep in touch. Please e-mail me sometime: It would be great to talk to you again. God bless my friend.

Adam Jowers and family

kelly jo beeson said...

DEAR ANN AND FAMILY- I was saddened beyond words to hear of your loss. When the wranglers came to Beaver all those times for band practice and Dave set up the sound board to let the band play for the senior was just a great time. My in-laws,Val and Elinor Beeson just loved Dave as thier skin doctor and to hear Ann play in the band. We are truly sorry for your loss, Ann. May god keep you in his hands for awhile now.....Kelly jo Beeson (at the Opera House in Beaver....and now in Mesquite, Nevada.) and Monte Beeson

Suze Ledger said...

Janet and family, Words can't say enough how I feel for your loss of your brother and niece.
I know you will have wonderful memories of them.
My heart goes out to you.

Susie Ledger
A friend from way back.

Marilyn said...

Dear Ann, Yorke, Chelsea and Zoe, I wanted to take some space and tell you all how much I love you and how much it meant to me to be with you during the week after the accident. I love David and Cecilee so much. People there were incredible and it was a blessing to see all the love and service that came because of who you all are and how much people love David and Cecilee. David and his fun-loving personality, I loved that you all did that bike thing last spring together, even taking Zoe (it was a highlight in Jessica's year to spend time with you all then). I always admired his desire to learn and do new things, he was always great to be around and that laugh of his always cracked me up! I remember him very well when he was just a young guy at BYU and it was so great to have him as a brother-in-law. I felt a lot of comfort in knowing that I had the chance to talk to him the Tuesday before the accident. He was a real character, one you wouldn't want to miss out on knowing. It used to kill me that he could go down to the store in SJ and come home having met some of the funniest or oddest people that I knew of in town. Cecilee and her sweet smile and warm heart. She was always helping someone out by being a friend or whatever, to all kinds of people. I loved her ability to just love people and get on with things, she didn't waste time judging them. Her artistic abilities were always so amazing. She had such an incredible eye and touch with art and that seemed to carry over to people as she worked with David as a medical assistant and became an aesthetician. Her love for Zoe was so sweet to see also. I will always think of them and miss them. Like we say, they are in a wonderful place, but we still have to mourn because we are just here and this is what we know. I love and miss all of you. Thank you all for being part of the unforgettable, irreplaceable members of our family. Love, Mel (Aunt Marilyn)

Anne Hawkins said...

Remembering Dave and Cecilee

You (the Goddard Family) were some of the first people we met when we moved to Cedar City 8 years ago. We were renting a house about a block away and met through our mutual friends, the Ellsworths. Dave was excited to be practicing telemedicine in some of the rural communities in the area and showed us an impressive PowerPoint presentation on what he was doing. He was friendly and knowledgeable about the medical community, and we were happy to have him as a friend and neighbor.

A few years later we went to the first of several block parties he organized. He was able to bring peopled together for a good cause. He also provided the sound system for the Mash Bash charity event. He was a leader in the community and in the LDS church through his service to others.

He was thrilled to work with Lansing Ellsworth in the dermatology office and became quite skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. Several of his patient's told me how pleased they were with his care.

Above all, he loved his family and would always mention something to me about Ann, Yorke, Ceciee, Chelsea, or little Zoey. We miss him and continue to keep your families in our prayers.

Cecilee was my youngest children’s first swimming teacher in Cedar City. She was sweet, patient, and kind, and they loved her. Through her excellent instruction, swimming became my daughter Katie's favorite sport. We also knew Cecilee as a beautiful aesthetician who worked with Dave in the dermatology office. However, her most cherished roll was that of being the loving mother of Zoe. She will be greatly missed and our thoughts and prayers are with you and especially little Zoe.

Anonymous said...

Reading my Christmas mail, I learned of your loss.

I knew David as a fellow missionary. He was clearly one of the better people there. We were blessed to have served with him. You were blessed to have known him so long and so well.

Paul Brown